Loan with guarantee of property

Before requesting any type of credit line, it is very important that the accountant knows well what the fees are charged in the transaction, which is involved in the negotiation among other information essential for the contracting of the product. One of the best options that exists in the Brazilian financial market is the secured loan with .

Banco is one of the largest companies in the country, being the largest financial institution in Brazil and one of the largest in the world, according to the Forbes ranking. This brings greater credibility to the institution and more security to account holders who are considering applying for this line of credit at .

What is ‘s real estate loan?

What is


Although it is one of the best lines of credit, mortgage, as is popularly known, secured loan is not used in Brazil, mainly because of the good involved in contracting the plan. When talking about this type of credit, we are talking about a way to achieve great values ​​by offering a property as a way to guarantee payment.

Because of this, some people are somewhat afraid to apply for a mortgage with the bank, for fear of losing the home where they live or a family home. But this transaction is much safer and its forms, since it is possible to pay the installments in up to 240 times, that is, the client has 20 years to pay off his debt.

In mortgage, the applicant can use from a residence to a commercial room as a form of guarantee of the discharge

This makes the price of each installment fall, moreover, the interest charges involved in the mortgage are very low, from 1.15% per month, leaving the price of each portion of the debt even cheaper. In the property loan, the accountant can obtain up to 60% of the value of the property involved in the negotiation, being able to pick up between R $ 30 thousand and R $ 2 million.

These benefit facilities that the bank offers when applying make mortgage a great solution to some problems that appear in times of recession, such as discharge of debts and money to start a business. The financial institution still offers quick and easy ways to take out the mortgage.

How to contract the mortgage at Bank?

How to contract the mortgage at Bank?

In order to contract the credit line with guarantee property, the applicant initially needs to have a checking account with and apply for the Mortgage Loan.

To request the loan, the customer has two options, either through the bank’s website or by attending an agency of the company. In this link you can see the step by step of contracting the mortgage.

Online hiring is fast and simple, giving the client the possibility to forward all the documentation to finalize the negotiation and obtain the requested amount. The bank informs that the step of the credit analysis takes 60 minutes and allows the financing of all taxes, registration or registration expenses that the account holder may have.

Finally, when contracting the property loan, it is also possible to use the Guarantee Fund (FGTS) as part of the loan repayment. This option brings greater security to the contractor, who can shoot down large portions of the plot with the FGTS, avoiding losing the property.