NORFOLK, Neb. – A Norfolk man is accused of creating a fake Facebook profile in an attempt to violate a protection order.

Norfolk Police were called to the Sunset Plaza Mall on Sunday afternoon after an adult woman claimed that Steven J. Simonson, 48, had followed her to the mall and closely passed her in the food court. The reporting woman had a protection order against Simonson.

While authorities were at the scene, a third-party witness approached the responding officer and said a man, matching Simonson’s description, was suspiciously hiding in the food court area and seemed to follow a woman.

Officers located Simonson and questioned him about the situation. During the investigation, officers said that Simonson discovered created a fake Facebook profile and attempted to contact the protected woman under the guise of the artificial profile. Officers say the protected woman received a friend request and a direct message from the fake account.

Simonson was arrested for violating the protection order. He was held in Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to Madison County Jail.